Vinyl Decal Wall Art Stickers

“Get inspired, be inspired – Spice up your home with the wall art you love.

Displaying various forms of artwork can turn a basic house into YOUR home. ….by displaying art in the right areas of your house, you can turn your home into a comfortable house with that warm and cosy feeling and giving it that extra wow factor. And who knows maybe your visitors will start coming back on a regular basis! Wall art stickers is a modern concept making your house more stylish and fresh. Not only can it look good, it can be the focal point of any room in your house offering another dimension and not to mention extra ambiance to a room which needs that little bit of umph!

Put wall art stickers in your kids bedroom, it’s an excellent idea for decorating their room. Ok so they may be a little fiddly but it’ll give your kids room an artistic appeal instead of splashing paint or using boring wallpaper. If you are not an artist but like the idea of decorating, maybe this is for you. Wall decals are inexpensive and easy to transfer on your walls and is best to use as interior lighting can effect the glossy look of the text or graphic.

Matte v’s Glossy vinyl decal wall art – What type should I use?

It depends where you decide to put the wall art – will be going indoors or outdoors? what  surface you are using it on and the length of time you plan to leave the vinyl on the surface. We have outlined the difference between the adhesive used on matte and glossy vinyl decals.

Adhesive difference between matte and glossy vinyl

There are many differences between matte and glossy vinyl such as the adhesive on the matte vinyl is water-based and is temporary or you have some intention to remove it. This makes the matte vinyl ideal for indoor wall decals and perfect for indoor walls and will stick until you simply peel it off. Because matte vinyl adhesive is water-based, the outdoor life expectancy is approximately two years only but this is dependent on factors such as the wall surface and weather/atmospheric conditions and where you put the decals. Bear in mind that in hot temperatures, adhesive glue on vinyl decals can crack or peel off.

The adhesive on the glossy vinyl is solvent-based and meant to be permanent. Using glossy vinyl indoors is risky because the adhesive may pull the paint off the wall when trying to remove the vinyl. We recommend that you use glossy vinyl if your wall texture doesn’t allow the matte vinyl to stick to your outdoor walls therefore making glossy vinyl more suited for outdoor use.

This Spiderman decal is a really cool idea for your child who enjoys watching marvel cartoons and associates himself with the action figurine. This 3-d decal gives your child’s bedroom a new dimension bringing him closer to his favorite hero and with very little expenditure. “Written word” and “nature” vinyl decals (trees and 3d butterflies) are popular in living rooms and conservatories, by applying these decals you can transform the look of your living areas in minutes and they offer something “outside the box”.

Best Places To Use Wall Art

This is completely up to the individual but in our opinion, wall art stickers should not be overused. look for stickers that bring out a special effect or has greater emotional impact rather than a random meaningless message.