Treasure Hunt For Easter

Treasure Hunt Game Idea:

Here is an activity you can do with your child,  it’s called “the Easter egg treasure hunt game”. This game is a good way to engage with your child and develop their communication and awareness skills. It can challenge your child by getting them to use their imagination (it’s also fun for siblings to do together.)  This skillful activity is very simple to set up. First it needs some imagination to come up with riddles but we have already created some for you to start you off.  What’s cool about it is when they find the answer to the clue, your child is rewarded for it.

Treasure Hunt Basics:

Please feel free to print out this page for reference, if you think you can add to it…. Please do so. Please use our “That Is Cool” facebook page and give us more suggestions, we would like to hear from you.

Hunt 1) Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall Hunt 2) It’s not very tall and has four legs on the floor, maybe you’ll find it in a _ Hunt 3) Oh no, it thinks its a fruit! Hunt 4) Lets have a coffee it’s gone past noon, first check the _ it’s whistling a tune
Hunt 1) Put the egg just inside your fence / gate Hunt 2) Draw Hunt 3) Put the egg inside your fruit bowl Hunt 4) It’s in the kettle
 Hunt 5) Having learned already to count to ten, fancy playing hopscotch then  Hunt 6) How do you make scrambled egg? You’ll find it there? Hunt 7) When I tell you to go clean your room, you’ll find it in a cupboard with the _ Hunt 8) The hen and cockerel share a nest but you’ll find it when you lay down to rest. This could be the last one hidden by a favorite / new toy.
Hunt 5)  Place the egg on number ten  Hunt 6) In the saucepan Hunt 7) Broom cupboard Hunt 8) On their bed

The treasure hunt:

Above are some treasure hunt clues and the appropriate answers to them. Whatever the answer is,  that’s where you will place an Easter egg and the next puzzle ready. Depending on your child’s age and capabilities, you can either read it out to them or leave the clue with the egg they found.

You can play this game for any other occasion with your child. Check out our blog pages for other cool activities you can do with your child

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