Share Your Cool Project

Build – Share – Make – Sell

We showcase any cool projects built in the UK, whether you have built a rock garden, cabinets and other storage facilities, cars and motorbikes, or looking for start up capital for investment. That is cool always the best of products and if you are selling your products we are happy to link your page to our website. The most rewarding experience is sharing the knowledge you gained as you worked on that project.

On that is cool website, you can share that knowledge for the benefit of everyone, and this is how you do it. You can upload your photos, videos and material lists along with all the instructions you choose. (the best practise is to teach people how you made it and the credit is yours.

(BTW, please don’t spam us. All posts are set to ‘pending’ and checked before being published.)

Getting started:

Here are some general suggestions for everyone to get you underway…

  • Start by giving your project a good title. “How to make a solid workbench this weekend” will get a lot more views than “My workbench”.
  • Use sub-headings to separate your sections. It will make it much easier to follow your project steps.
  • We suggest you use Heading 3, 4 and 5 rather than the bigger Headings 1 and 2. Stick to ‘Paragraph’ style for materials and instructions. Bullet lists might help.
  • Place your photos above the relevant instruction or step. We’re visual animals and will head for the photo and miss the instructions!
  • Don’t forget your “featured image” which will probably show the finished project.
  • Categories and tags are going to help others find your post.

Ready to showcase your cool project?