Birthday Party Ideas

Want to throw a cool birthday party? Get your party rockin’

Throwing a party can be an effort but with the right structure and this can be made simple. First you need to consider what you the occasion is which you are celebrating and how do you want to celebrate it? Here are some helpful birthday party ideas:

  • Your interests or an activity based party
  • The decade you were born
  • The latest trend like “Where’s Wally
  • Posh to Redneck

There are plenty of things to consider however we are going to focus on the 80’s! Yes an 80’s themed party and how to turn your party into an awesome celebration.

Party invitations – Getting it rightghostbusterparty

It is always very difficult to host a party and a common problem is knowing who will turn up?. Back in the 80’s invitations to parties were send out with an RSVP return slip, (if it included an activity an upfront fee could be mentioned so that if any bookings per head had to be made you would a definite reservation) plus, you would also have to mention whether the fee is refundable or not? Nowadays we have Facebook to enable you to quickly add people you know to the list. (Click here to learn how to set up a Facebook event)

Booking a place for the event

Popular activities in the 80’s that people did was to go to the cinema or go roller skating. This would last an hour or two but if you want the party to carry on you could always move onto another place and perhaps arrange to meet a different set of friends at the second location?

It’s all about the theme

The 80’s was about mixed genres of music although synthesizer was a well known instrument used in many hit singles like (affiliate link to apple) In an older post “hot tub cinema” have a couple of movies from the 1980’s like Top Gun, Grease Pretty Woman and Spaceballs. Fashion made a noticeable change when transitioning from the 1970’s into the 80’s where things became big! Big hair, mullets and rats tail hair styles, big shoulder pads, neon clothing, leg warmers, big earrings as well, Punk Rock became fashionable in the 80’s. Games to Play – during the 80’s games like space invaders, the rubik cube, twister and operation, bouncing around on an oversized inflated ball were all the trend back then.

How to host an 80’s theme party

Here are some added extras that will help create an awesome 80’s theme party

Games to Play – during the 80’s games like video games like space invaders,  operation, twister, hungry hippos were all popular games during this time

Decorations – 80’s party decorations should be fun and outlandish, you can use LP covers and posters as a backdrop. Check out this website, it shows you step by step how to make a Rubik birthday cake a good idea would be to put this on a table as a centre piece with accompanied with original retro sweets

Set the ambiance of your party by using silly string, whistles and party horns and play 80’s music and movies. You can buy some cool retro clothes and gift ideas from  that really put your birthday “back in the day”   


Notes: Feature picture; “Rubik-Wuerfel”. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons Ghostbusters; “Halloween, Aviano Air Base, Italy, 2005 · DF-SD-08-27129” by Staff Sgt. Michael R. Holzworth – via Wikimedia Commons