Legoland UK

Legoland, UK

If you are wondering what to do with your kids over Easter Weekend then may we suggest Legoland UK? Situated in Windsor, Berkshire this awesome theme parks is popular for “young children”.

About Lego:

Lego has been around for years, the company was founded by a Danish man Ole Kirk Christiansen. The word “lego” has two meanings one being “play well” in Danish and “I put together” in Latin. My mum recalls the time she had Lego when she was a child. Recalling different parts of the Lego brand she remembered the small Lego men, the road systems, the individual pieces with the “small knobs” that fit together when constructing a building and traffic pieces that she could buy with her small savings. Now the Lego brand has expanded to different themes like Lego Duplo, Lego Disney Princess, and Lego Classic to name but a few.

Lego Theme Park UK

Opening times; March – November. Watch out as some closures are to be expected between Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
For people with disability, please read this
Admission Prices; Costs vary on and offline (Gate Prices) Please look here for more info

Legoland, EnglandThe theme park is split into 11 themed areas which covers 150 acres in Berkshire. This includes a railway system that starts at the entrance of Legoland and then the train travels 300┬ámetres between the themes “The Beginning and “Traffic”. Other themes are “The Imagination Centre” which is situated above “Miniland” which has an a workshop for young minds to come and explore.

“Miniland” is a fun part of the park, showcasing models of cities from across the world. This was constructed using nearly 40 million Lego bricks in models often at 1:20 scale. Miniland also has some animated models which interact with each other. Some of these include model cars, trains and boats.

“Adventureland” is Legoland’s main theme park┬ásituated around a lake at the bottom of the park. This is attraction is not as big as places like Alton Towers yet has adult rides. Be aware like many other theme parks, you might have to spend a few hours queuing for some rides.

We can’t emphasize enough that this is a theme park for young children! People say it’s expensive but in our humble opinion, most theme parks are. If you want to make an activity for your kids, have you tried the “kids treasure hunt activity?”