Father’s Day Gift Ideas

21 June 2015 is Father’s Day in the UK.

If you are wondering what kind of presents your dad would appreciate on Father’s day but have no idea what to get him, we have come up with a selection of cool ideas that will help make his day. It’s “okay” sending your father chocolates or alcohol but this could be seen as a last minute thought whereas to make his day a bit more special, you could give him the right message  showing that you care by putting thought and meaning into your gifts.

The cost of buying presents for your family with days dedicated to them like “Father’s Day”, can be expensive. Because of this many people don’t really care about presents as such, they just appreciate a thoughtful call from a loved one. As presents go it is always the “thought that counts” that is expressed many times rather than what the present actually is. So if the presents are as a basic as “just a box of chocolates” you can dress it up so it becomes more meaningful.

The good thing about buying stuff like chocolates and alcohol is that you can “link buy” presents to compliment what you have to make Father’s Day extra special for your dad. For example let’s say that you bought some chocolates, below we have written some ideas on what you can do with them.

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So what can you do with a simple box of chocolates that turns a present into a unique gift? Take out the chocolates and cut out some coloured greaseproof paper into stars and wrap the individual chocolates.  Put them into a tin or bag of your choice. Here is an excellent website giving ideas how to embellish the wrapping

To give it that uniqueness how about buying a gift experience and add it in the “man tin?” Another idea is to buy an “awesome mug” and fill it with some chocolates along with these cool instant coffee jars. Fathers day present(Shown above)

Or, what about buying some really cool unique chocolates instead? On Etsy we found this lady selling hand grenade chocolates filled with sweets. She delivers them in the UK and is able to personalize your order.

What To Get For My Dad for Father’s Day?

It is hard to come up with Father’s Day gift ideas that will suit every dad but the one thing which makes life a bit easier is to think about what your dad likes to do as in a hobby or interest.

Here we have come up with some more gift ideas which include a set of samurai kitchen knives if your dad like to cook. If your dad has an outdoor hobby like fishing or motorcycling maybe its a good idea to get him a decent vintage thermal metal flask or have a look in our cool shop for more gift ideas.

:: Just a note, there is a cool saying:

“To make a difference in someones life you don’t have to be rich, beautiful or perfect,  you just have to care enough and be there”