About Us

Hey! Are you looking for a cool gift to buy? That is Is Cool is a UK based website where you’ll find cool, trendy and unique gift ideas. Whether you want to turn your house into a home, experience a lifetime dream or need ideas for a PERFECT gift to send to a loved one or simply complimenting gifts that you have already bought, we have found a solution for you.

About us

We have been on a mission to find cool things online that can turn you from zero to hero in “thoughtfulness”. We are affiliated to some awesome businesses both in the UK and afar to cater to an assortment of tastes. We first started out looking for gift items on the internet that weren’t too cheap or tacky that catered to our own family needs. We wanted to buy gifts for Christmas or Birthdays that were “one of a kind” so that family members could see that we put a lot of effort into finding that special present. Now we share our thoughts and experiences with you and not only do we recommend cool stuff to buy in our shop but we also provide links for the coolest entertainment, events and festivals in the UK.

Since 2014, That Is Cool is looking to embrace people to their inner geek and connect with people who believe you put some thought into their presents.